Virtual Power Plant Optimization

Our Virtual Power Plant Optimization software optimizes a portfolio of distributed assets at short intervals and utilizes the full potential of asset flexibility in order to maximize income from all available value streams such as ancillary services, use of system charges, trading and others.

Energy Forecasting

Our flexible real-time modeling and forecasting platform delivers superior forecasts of numerous power market quantities (such as power price, renewable generation, demand) by analyzing terabytes of data generated by power grids, power exchanges, weather stations and other data sources all across Europe with just milliseconds delay.

Automatic Trade Execution

Our automatic trade execution service ensures that user trades are executed using the best execution strategy for the current market situation.

Data Visualization

Predictive analytics and data visualization are essential for making informed business decisions. Our consultants help you implement BI tool Tableau, which is the most flexible and user-friendly data visualization tool on the market.

Partnership with Tableau is a result of our reliable and high performance solutions. This partnership represents an additional assurance for clients that our consultants are always following the newest BI standards and have an insight into their future development.

Tableau helps you see and understand the data. Download your free 14-day trial now!

Risk Management in Finance

We develop machine learning and AI models for risk management and return prediction in finance to optimize your portfolio.

We integrate machine learning models to BI tool Tableau for data visualization and analytics.