COMCOM is aware that company performance cannot be measured by financial indicators only. We believe that it is important to consider environmental and social impact of the business as well. We are committed to minimize the adverse impact on the environment and strive to raise the environmental awareness of all our employees.

Some of the measures taken to protect the environment are:

  • setting containers for separate waste collection
  • warnings of responsible handling of drinking water placed over basins
  • warnings of responsible electricity consumption placed by light switches
  • setting up remote access to our partners
  • planning and monitoring of unavoidable business travels
  • monitoring of office paper consumption (printers, faxes, copiers)

COMCOM tries hard to provide a pleasant working environment and support the local community. By continuous education it ensures a sustainable development of its employees, and by promoting active and healthy way of life it strives to reduce stressful situations that may arise in a modern business environment. It supports students with internships and sponsors their excursions. Through donations it also supports activities of local sport clubs, voluntary fire brigades, and tourist organizations in order to increase the quality of life in the local community.